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Malden 4-4x6 Collage Frame
Malden 4-4x6 Black collage frame.  Two vertical and two horizontal photos. This black wood frame can be hung on the wall or includes an easel for tabletop display.  This frame includes 4-4x6 inch photo prints.

Nexxt 3-4x6 Collage Frame
Nexxt 3-4x6 inch Collage Frame.  10x17 inch Black Wood Frame with White Matte.  This frame will hang horizontally.  This frame includes 3-4x6 inch prints.

Malden 4649-12 Baby Collage Frame
Malden 6-4x6 & 6-4x4 Baby Collage Frame.  White wood frame with 12 opeinings.  Wall mount only.  This frame includes 6-4x6 inch & 6-4x4 inch photo prints.

Nexxt Matrix Horizontal Collage Frame
Nexxt Matrix Collage Frame holds 1-8x10 inch print & 8-4x6 inch prints.  Black wood frame will hang horizontally.  This frame includes 1-8x10 photo print and 8-4x6 photo prints.

Nexxt 3-5x7 Vertical Collage Frame
Nexxt 3 - 5x7 inch Collage Frame.  10x28 Black Wood Frame with White Matte.  This frame will hang vertically. This frame includes 3-5x7 photo prints.

16x20 Collage Frame
16x20 Black Wood Frame with White Matte.  Holds 10 4x6 prints.  This frame will hang vertically.  This frame includes 10 4x6 photo prints.

Nexxt 10x20 Suspense Frame
Nexxt Suspense Black Wood Frame frames 3-4x6 prints between 2 pieces of glass.  This frame hangs vertically and includes 3-4x6 photographic prints.

Nexxt 5-4x6 Vertical Collage Horizontal Frame
Nexxt 5-4x6 Collage Frame.  10x28 Black Wood Frame with White Matte.  This frames will hang horizontally.  This frame includes 5-4x6 inch photo prints.

Malden4-4x6 I do Frame
Malden 4-4x6 White Collage Frame with the Words I do and Happiness is Marrying Your Best Friend.  This frame hanges vertically and includes 4-4x6 photographic prints.


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