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What does Archiving mean to you?

Think of all those delicate photos you inherited from your grandparents. What about all the pictures in photo albums of all shapes & sizes? Don’t forget all the stacks of 4x6s we used to develop from every roll of film before the days of digital.


What about birth, marriage & death certificates? Postcards? Letters? Greeting cards? Diaries & journals? Genealogy info? Mementos? Recipes? Newspaper clippings? Artwork? Kids’ schoolwork? Traditional scrapbooks?


If your history and heritage are important for you to pass on, be sure to leave them with more than shoeboxes of pictures without stories.


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Introducing the Gathering Box!

Turn your photos into something special...

Once you have JPGs, you have unlimited creative freedom to create any photo gift or keepsake you wish. We offer a wide selection & will happily help you with ideas & inspiration!


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