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Classes & Training

Japan Camera Victoria’s photo classes are full of fun learning, hands on examples and information you can use immediately to improve your photography. We have classes from Beginner to Digital SLR.


Our instructors make the difference. They are Japan Camera Victoria experts and follow precise course guidelines designed to maximize your learning experience. Even after your class ends, Japan Camera Victoria’s staff are available to assist and guide you.


Invite a friend and receive 10% off both registrations. Special Arrangements can also be made for one of our instructors to teach off site with a group or organization.


Personal Coaching

We now offer personal coaching. It is available by appointment for only $65 per hour ($5 for the first minute and $1 per additional minute) You can schedule a 15 minute session or as long as 2 hours. Our expert staff can explain the operations of your camera, connection to your computer, how to organize your photos or any other questions you may have about photography or digital imaging.


This is a customized and hands-on instructional experience offered by Japan Camera foto source. Our instructor provides undivided attention and instruction on the topic of your choice.


Call or email us to schedule your personal coaching session today!

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Beginner’s Digital SLR Workshop

This workshop will help familiarize you with the basic functions of your SLR camera.


Adobe Lightroom 5: Getting Organized

Ready to learn how to organize past, present & future images? A copy of Adobe Lightroom 5 is included with this class (a $150 value) Already own Lightroom? Join the class at a reduced price.


Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

This workshop, we will cover basic editing, adjustment layers & masks. spot removal & cloning, adding text, special effects & more…


Create a Photobook

With a few photo files to start, we will teach you the skills of uploading your photos to our web based photo book software. With hands on training, you will learn to navigate the photo book pages; selecting backgrounds, layouts, placing photos and typing text. Each photo may be further edited with additional enhancing software; text font, size and colour may be selected and how the images appear on pages either bold, faded or at an angle are all creative tools you will develop. With confidence we will send you off on an adventure to creative a family treasure. During the project, we are available by phone or in store for further consultation, until you are ready to order your master piece.


Raptor Photography Birds of Prey Fieldtrip

Capture Raptor Photography with Japan Camera Victoria at Birds of Prey. Enjoy trial photo gear, hands on experience, & learn a few tricks to enhance your images with Photoshop. Create a Masterpiece!


Shutter Play for Kids!

This workshop aims to get young people recording their world through creative images. This workshop will help familiarize them with the basic functions of a camera.


Exploring Studio Lights and Flash Photography

How to create, enhance or direct light with flash and studio lights is a beginner’s guide to artificial light. Join us in our studio and embrace learning to manipulate light.

Creative Photography

Learn to take better photos regardless of the camera you use. Our instructor will analyze why some images “work” & will give you the tools you need to analyze your own photos.


Adobe Lightroom 5: Basic Enhancement

From contrast to clarity, colour to curves, learn not only how, but when and why to manipulate your photos. A copy of Adobe Lightroom 5 is included with this class (a $150 value). Already own Lightroom? Join the class at a reduced price.


Creative iPhoneography

Discover the fun in photography with this image making course using your iPhone. Your phone is the camera you always have in your pocket, so why not create the very best pictures with it. Go beyond grab shots and encounter a world of photographic possibilities with this immersion workshop.


Join the excitement about new ways to photograph and edit. Learn basic workflow, when to use alternative camera apps, and our favorite editing apps for transforming basic snaps into creative works of art.


Macro Photography Butterfly Gardens Fieldtrip

Explore Macro Photography with Japan Camera Victoria at Butterfly Gardens. Enjoy hands on experience, try macro accessories and learn a few tricks to enhance your images with Adobe Lightroom. Take your photography close up!


Black & White Photography BC Forest Museum Fieldtrip

See the world in Black and White or convert your images after; the BC Forest Museum offers many opportunities to play with contrast, texture, & tones with foliage, buildings and antique equipment. Enjoy a fieldtrip with our instructors, trial photo gear and take home a 12x18 print of your favourite image!


Photography for Kids

Photography for Kids introduces composition, seeing the light, texture, lines, colour, form, and emotion. What’s the story?




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